A Beautiful Friend


Album: Novella
Released Oct 23, 2013. Polecat records.

1.Burning eyes
3.I’m moving on
4.(It’s gonna take) A whole lot more
5.Tainted hearts
6.Man of boundless heart

Produced by Pelle Ekerstam & Johannes Berglund
Recorded by Johannes Berlund
Mixed by Johannes Berglund

Musicians on Novella: Drums and percussion – Micke Häggström.  Keyboards – Ted Hector on “Burning eyes” and “I’m moving on”, Johannes Berglund on “Tainted hearts”. Strings - Hanna Ekström on “Man of boundless heart”. All other instruments and arrangements - Pelle Ekerstam

Single: Romeo
Released Okt 2, 2013. Polecat records


Single: Burning Eyes
Released May 29, 2013. Polecat records

1.Burning Eyes

Album: We Were Heading For The Sun
Released Sept 21, 2011. Polecat records.

1.We were heading for the sun
2.The countryside
3.Love finds a way
4.Soul to body (feat. Mark Olson)
5.The loneliest man alive
6.Någonting (feat.Jonathan Johansson)
7.Geogaphical differnces
8.Ordinary faces
9.Better the devil you know
10.Love keeps you waiting
11.A thousand lies
12.Keep this fire burning (Robyn-cover)
13.You and me (bonustrack on digital release)

Produced by Pelle Ekerstam & Johannes Berglund
Recorded by Johannes Berlund
Mixed by Johannes Berglund
Musicians on We Were Heading For The Sun: Guitars-Pelle Ekerstam & Johanes Berglund. Bass-David Lindvall, Paul Börjesson & Pelle Ekerstam. Drums-Micke Häggström & Anders Hedlund. Percussion-Micke Häggström, Johannes Berglund & Anders Hedlund. Keyboards-Fredrik Hermansson, Johannes Berglund & Pelle Ekerstam. Strings-Anna Dager, Hanna Ekström, Victoria Lundell & Erik Holm. Backing vocals-Pelle Ekerstam, Lisa Lindhal, Mikael Lundin, Jörgen Kjellgren & Titiyo Jah. Guest apperances-Mark Olson & Jonathan Johansson. Stringarrangements-Pelle Ekerstam

Single: We Were Heading For The Sun
Released Sept 1, 2011. Polecat records

1.We were heading for the sun

Single: Love Finds A Way
Released June 17, 2011. Polecat records

1.Love finds a way
2.Love finds a way (Wonderland remix radio)
3.Love finds a way (Wonderland remix club)

Album: (You’ve Already Passed) This Moment
Released June 4, 2008. Universal Music

1.(You’ve already passed) This moment
2.Emotions on a leash
5.Times like this (feat. Jennie Abrahamson)
6.Hymn; Singing her name
7.Love fights you
8.A place in the game
9.Days I’ve longed to see
10.Singing her name
11.Too late to care

Produced by Robert Qwarforth
Recorded by Robert Qwarforth & Pontus Olsson
Mixed by Simon Nordberg, Robert Qwarforth & Pontus Olsson
Musicians on (You’ve Already Passed) This Moment: Guitars-Pelle Ekerstam, Lars Halapi, Richard Krantz & Robert Qwarforth. Bass-Peter Forss, Thomas Axelsson. Drums-Olle Dahlstedt. Percussion-Robert Qwarforth. Keyboards-Robert Qwarforth & Pelle Ekerstam. Strings-Ulf Forsberg, Torbjörn Bernhardsson, Christian Bergqvist & Svein H. Martinsen. Backing vocals-Therése Börjesson, Pelle Ekerstam & Robert Qwarforth. Guest apperances-Jennie Abrahamson. String arrangements-RobertQwarforth & Joakim Milder

Single: Times Like This
Released March 17, 2008. Universal Music

1.Time slike this

Single: Emotions On A Leash
Released Sept 3, 2007. Universal Music

1.Emotions on a leash
2.Something about us

Single: Ageing
Released May 16, 2007. Universal Music

2.The south american flute